“Multi-pack” Line for chocolate tablets with “PAF” stacker

Continuing its line of constant technological development, SynchroGroup has recently supplied for one of its customers in Israel, 3 Synchropack Flow-wrappers, model Pack 60 LTS, equipped with an innovative Synchrofeed automatic feeding system model "PAF" (Pile Automatic Feeder), which allows stacking wrapped chocolate tablets, in piles ranging from 2 to 12 tablets, later to make multi-packs of between 20 and 140 mm high.
The "PAF" feeding is automatic from each production line. The height of the stack is programmable on the touchscreen and is part of the recipe for each product individually, thus offering great flexibility and simplicity with the format changes, which are fast and frequent. The Pack 60 LTS have “box-motion” sealing jaws with mechanical side gusseting system for a very compact and fully regular pack presentation.
The three lines operate autonomously at speeds of up to 70 multi-packs per minute each.
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