Automatic Grouping & Wrapping System, for a variable quantity of pouches

Synchrogroup in its constant process of development of automatic feeding systems for different kind of products, has supplied to a prestigious Turkish manufacturer, an innovative automatic grouping and wrapping system for pouches, which is capable of absorbing an output up to 360 pouches/min, performing groups and wrapping it in collations of 5, 10 and 15 pouches per pack.
The line supplied consists of:
  • 1 Automatic grouping PCS 3X (Pocket Conveyor System) equipped with  4 stacking stations for a  programmable amount of pouches, synchronized upstream with the discharge of a horizontal wrapper HFFS quadruplex which produces 4 side seal pouches and downstream with a flow- pack wrapper, through 90º transfer system  that works continuously. The system has also a vibration device that works on top of the stacked pouches in two stages, so that the final pack is as compact as possible.
  • 1 Horizontal Flowrapper (Synchropack) Pack 90 RT model, equipped with pneumatic gusseting  device  at the end sealing group, which adjusts the film properly to give a better look to the final pack.
The touch panel that controls the entire line allows quick change of format, display alarms and production statistics, facilitating the entire production process.
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