Automatic line for wrapping groups of sticks-packs

Manufacturers of various countries and products have requested us automatic solutions for packaging and wrapping “sticks” sachets (powdered milk, liquid yogurt, liquid ice-creams, and so on...) to replace the classic cardboard case by flexible bags and thus achieve significant cost reduction on their packing.
SynchroGroup has developed a specific solution to this packaging process, overcoming the main difficulties of processing in automatic the sticks, which are flexible, soft and unstable thereof.
The distinguishing features of this solution are:
  • The pre-grouped sticks discharge is done into a box designed with battlements to prevent blockages of the sticks during their transfer to the wrapping film.
  • The transfer operation, from the box to the film, in a flow pack machine with bottom reel, is performed by a pusher (also designed with battlements) and driven by a servomotor for a very smooth and precise motion       
  • NO GAP - NO SEAL. Sticks position control device (with vision camera) on the wrapping film, to stop the cutting-sealer group if it detects that a stick has slipped and invades the transverse welding zone, thereby preventing pinching the product with subsequent stop for cleaning and restoring working conditions, but mainly avoiding production line stops caused by stopping the wrapping machine.
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