Cookies packaging line in stacks

Synchrogroup has provided a major manufacturer in the Middle East, an automatic cookies packaging in stacks. It performs  packs with 2, 3 and 4 units in each one  in a production of 250 ppm.
The line is based on:
  • 1 PAF  (Pile Automatic Feeder) with 4 channels, driven by 2 servo-motorized axis.  All mounted on  an AFS (All From the Sky) structure as a “cage” edge which allow the complete supervision during operation through its transparent guarding protections  and also a maximum mechanical accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. The Electrical Panel is integrated in the upper  AFS module. 
  • 1 Horizontal Flowrapping machine Pack 900, equipped with the usual accessories used in high production applications: automatic film reel splice, some functions as no product - no pack, no phase- no cut, rejection of double packs, etc.
The system is fed manually by depositing the cookies on loading ramps. The cookies are previously collected directly by two operators from the cooling conveyor.
The Touch-control panels present in the feeder and the flowrapping machine allow easy reformatting, alarm display and product statistics.
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