SynchroFEED pays special attention to the design and construction of the best solution to interface with production line systems. There are some standard interfaces which are combined according to the required configuration of each project:



Auto-Centering Plate

The auto-centering plate is profiled so as to ensure that the lanes of product arriving from the production line are correctly aligned at the entry of the conveying system situated downstream.

The centering plate mechanism is made of stainless steel and is mounted on a system that allows its lateral movement following the possible off-set of the arriving products. A motor driven device constantly corrects to left or right side, depending on the position of the lanes of product arriving from the upstream conveyor.

Two edge-detecting photocells, mounted just before the Auto-centering plate, detect the position of the products and correct the plate position accordingly.

Lane reducing / multiplying

If the number of product lanes arriving from the production line does not match with the number of lanes required by the systems situated downstream, it is possible to either reduce or increase the number of lanes.

If products lanes are to be reduced, this can be normally done by using fixed guides or diverters.

Alternatively, active guides in conjunction with detecting photocells, are used to reduce or increase the number of lanes, as required by the process.

Star stacker

The Starwheel Stacker has a first section consisting of a profiled sliding plate, over which the products are side guided and slightly separated.

A second section with a starwheel on each lane, mounted onto an independently-driven shaft, is used to turn each product on edge. The starwheels are profiled according to product shapes for a smooth and efficient product handling.

Penny Stacker

When products are not suitable to be placed on edge by using conventional Star stackers, it is possible to use an alternative system named Pennystacker. It is composed by an independently driven, variable-speed, knurled shaft that is situated between two consecutive conveyors which run at different speed. Products are just gently launched over each other for their on edge accumulation. 

Product orientation / rotation

Individual products can be turned upside down to have their opposite face upwards as is usually required when feeding biscuits sandwiching machines or complete rows of biscuits can be rotated when required by the line configuration.

Special conveyors / accumulating systems

SynchroFEED can supply special transport and accumulating conveyors, when needed. This equipment can be in the form of articulated conveyors or vibrating channels.

The systems can be used either to give some minutes of buffering in order to absorb product flow, or to re-direct it, depending on the production requirements.

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