Manufacturer of electronic flow-wrappers


SynchroGroup is an international benchmark in the world of packaging, specialized in offering automatic wrapping solutions, thanks to the integration of SynchroFEED automatic feeding systems with SynchroPACK horizontal flowpack machines.

SynchroGroup means experience, specialization and guarantee in the world of packaging.

The direct contact with the customer, the detailed analysis of the characteristics of the products to be wrapped and the constant search for customized solutions, are the formula for success and leadership given to SynchroGroup by the market.

SynchroGroup, listening to the market demands, is constantly looking for new solutions for the flowpack wrapping process automation and improvement, in order to achieve technical innovations that provide competitive benefits to our customers.

A skilled human team, over 200 automatic feeders and 1.500 wrapping machines installed and a thousand satisfied customers are the guarantee of SynchroGroup to meet all new projects with the best guarantees of success.

All SynchroPACK wrapping machines and SynchroFEED feeders are assembled in the respective factories and afterwards integrated and tested with the same products and films that will be used by the customer.

Only then, once all internal production and quality tests have been overcome, machinery is packed and shipped to its final destination.

The specialized SynchroPACK and SynchroFEED after-sales technical teams perform the installation and commissioning of our feeders and wrapping machines at the customer’s premises and take care of the training of their operators and maintenance technicians.

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