Michele Palma assumes the Presidency of Amec-Envasgraf

Last September, the President of Synchrogroup, Mr Michele Palma, has been appointed as President of the association Amec-Envasgraf.
Amec-Envasgraf is a national association representing the manufacturing interests of machinery for Packaging, Packing, Bottling, Carton and its Graphics, and other manufacturers that are part of the value chain of packaging a product.
Its mains functions are:
  • Develop internationalization to enable companies to do business in the global market. 
  • Promote the presence of companies in overseas markets through activities and services adapted to the needs of the sector.
  • Boost representativeness and sectoral lobbying with presence in the main forums of the sector.
  • Generate networking between companies and agents of the sector.
  • Promote innovation,, by collaborating with the main technological centres of the sector.
  • Promote the internal market by developing strategic agreements and collaborations with national agents. 
  • Provide training to companies of the sector, in line with their needs, helping them to improve their competitiveness.
  • Manage communication and image of the brand of the Spanish sector at national and international level, as the international packaging industry of reference in technology and products.
  • Annual design and management of the Export Promotion Plan of the sector with the recognition of ICEX (Spanish Export and Investments).
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