New Technological platform: Synchro Motion Control

After years of experience supplying wrapping machines and feeders for automatic packaging processes, using different electronic components such as servo motors, drivers, PLC's and Axes Controls from different manufacturers, we have chosen to establish our own technology platform, that we have called Synchro Motion Control.

This platform will be gradually implemented in all our feeders and wrappers, regardless of the size and performance. This will enable us to provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Maximum performance and scalability
  • Standardisation of components (control, expansions, servomotors, etc.)
  • Reducing the number of parts needed to minimize stop times
  • Easy and secure integration between wrappers and feeders
  • Warranty of compatibility for future up-grades
  • Warranty of permanent components stock in our warehouse
  • Warranty parts availability throughout the working life of the machines
  • Standardization in software development
  • Remote Assistance of the complete control system with a single connection point

Once again, SynchroGroup confirms its development capacity and know-how to implement an innovative and revolutionary technology to the world of packaging, offering the best and most profitable solutions.

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