• Synchropack integrates labelling systems in their flow-wrappers

    Synchropack proposes a practical and cost effective solution to label their wrapped packs: it is to integrate a labelling dispensing head in the flowpack, thereby achieving a perfect and accurate position without w
  • New Flow Wrapper Pack 600 LTS "L" (large format) for multipacks

    SynchroGroup has recently supplied a 600 LTS Flow Pack "L" model to one of the largest European manufacturer of dry noodles in multipack bundles of single-serve noodle packs, from 3 to 20 individual packs
  • Language customisation service of our touch-screens

    SynchroGroup offers the possibility to offer all messages of the operator touch screen in several languages, in addition to those already included by default settings (Spanish, English and French).
  • Semi-Automatic packaging Line of filled syringes for veterinary use

    SynchroGroup has provided to a major French veterinarian group a semi-automatic packaging line for multi-packs of medical syringes, in several formats.

  • Automatic packaging Line for filled fruit bars

    SynchroGroup has supplied to an important Australian manufacturer a fully automatic Flow-packaging line for wrapping different types of filled fruit bars, up to 320 units per minute. The aim of this Project is
  • Semi-automatic line for packaging cookies “on edge” in Slugs

    SynchroGroup has supplied to an important multinational company a semi-automatic line for loading and packaging biscuits of different shapes (round, square and rectangular) in slugs from 200 to 250 grams.
  • Automatic Robot for multipack packaging un flowpack

    The market of large retailers demand that food products would be individually wrapped and then grouped and wrapped for a multi-pack sales.
  • Automatic Line for chocolate bars packaging

    SynchroGroup has supplied an automatic line for feeding and packaging of chocolate tablets, from a C & M molding station.

  • HISPACK 2015: thanks to everyone!

    For the first time, SynchroGroup has been present as such in the Hispack 2015 exhibition, with the logo: "The Power of specialization"
  • SynchroGroup’s Area Manager, Toni Gil, interview in Packaging News

    Toni Gil, as an expert from the flow wrapper world, answered those questions frequently asked by equipment buyers. 
  • Participation in the Hispack 2015 packing show in Barcelona

    SynchroGroup will present from 21 to 24 April in the International Packaging Exhibition HISPACK 2015 in Barcelona, some of its new developments for product packaging in flow pack and automatic feeders:
  • “Multi-pack” Line for chocolate tablets with “PAF” stacker

    Continuing its line of constant technological development, SynchroGroup has recently supplied for one of its customers in Israel, 3 Synchropack Flow-wrappers, model Pack 60 LTS, equipped with an innovative Synchrof
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