• Automatic line for wrapping groups of sticks-packs

    Manufacturers of various countries and products have requested us automatic solutions for packaging and wrapping “sticks” sachets (powdered milk, liquid yogurt, liquid ice-creams, and so on...) to repla
  • SynchroGroup provides a pack leak detection system

    SynchroGroup has incorporated a new system for detecting leaks in packs in order to check the tightness of the packages made by its flow-wrappers so you can get the most suitable adjustment of welding units, using
  • Wrapper Pack 600 LTS for wrapping cured sausages in modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.)

    Synchrogroup has provided to a prestigious Spanish manufacturer a Flowrapper  model  LTS 600 for wrapping cured sausages in a modified atmosphere pakaging.
  • Automatic corrugated cardboard feeder from reel

    Synchrogroup has provided to a major Spanish cookies manufacturer, a  Synchropack Horizontal Flowrapper  model Pack 900 RT  equipped with an automatic corrugated cardboard feeder from reel.
  • Hi-Speed Wet Wipes Wrapper

    Synchrogroup has evolved its well-known wrapping model Pack 900 LTS “Window-Pack” specially aimed for packaging wet wipes, increasing its production capacity till the 150 ppm in constant production run.
  • Automatic Line for wrapping biscuits “wafer” type for a production of 300 ppm

    Synchrogroup has provided to a prestigious spanish manufacturer a Synchropack horizontal flow-wrapper model Pack 900 RT equipped with an automatic feeder for packing biscuits “wafer” ty
  • Michele Palma assumes the Presidency of Amec-Envasgraf

    Last September, the President of Synchrogroup, Mr Michele Palma, has been appointed as President of the association Amec-Envasgraf.
  • Automatic Grouping & Wrapping System, for a variable quantity of pouches

    Synchrogroup in its constant process of development of automatic feeding systems for different kind of products, has supplied to a prestigious Turkish manufacturer, an innovative automatic grouping and wrap
  • Cookies packaging line in stacks

    Synchrogroup has provided a major manufacturer in the Middle East, an automatic cookies packaging in stacks.
  • Next Fair EMBALLAGE 2014

    Synchrogroup will exhibit from the 17th to 20th of November in Emballage 2014 (Paris-France) the new flowrapping electronic machine flow-pack model FLOW 09, for low and medium  productions, eq
  • New Modular Longitudinal Sealing

    To ensure the quality of the longitudinal sealing of ours flowrapping machines, we have developed a new fin sealing group, composed of independent modules that allow configuration as requir
  • Interpack 2014: Thanks to everyone!

    This edition of the Interpack has meant the official presentation of SynchroGroup and has allowed us to show to customers and partners a renewed range of solutions for the automated packaging of vari

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