SAF: Biscuit Slug Automatic Feeder

The vertical loading and feeding units are installed at the end of the production lines. Their function is to create product portions (slugs) in vertical position (on edge) such as biscuits, crackers, toast bread, etc. and to transfer them into the infeed conveyor of a flow-pack machine.



Vertical Feeder

The vertical loader has been designed on a modular concept and allows configurations from a minimum of 4 channels up to a maximum of 16 channels, depending on the number of arriving product rows and on the required performances or packing capacities, in terms of number of packages per minute. The loader allows handling the continuous product flow, to convert it into portions of the desired length and to transfer them, automatically, into a flow-wrapper. The dose length regulation and thickness of each single product can be automatically changed by the operator with the machine in working mode. The SAF vertical loader can feed either X-fold wrappers or classic flowpack machines thanks to the available 90° transfer. Doses can also be alternatively placed into plastic or cardboard trays.
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