Semi-Automatic packaging Line of filled syringes for veterinary use

SynchroGroup has provided to a major French veterinarian group a semi-automatic packaging line for multi-packs of medical syringes, in several formats.

The system is composed of: a special roller conveyor for manual loading of syringes, a labeling station with an upper conveyor for flattening & rolling of the label around the syringes, an ABB IRB 360 spider type robot for pick & place purposes and a Pack 60 LTS Flow-wrapper (bottom reel type) for wrapping and hermetic pack sealing. At the end of the line, there’s also a counting and pre-grouping conveyor, to facilitate the manual case packing operation. 

The line is provided with sensors to detect and automatically reject unlabeled products as well as an inspection camera system which controls the correct amount of syringes on each pack as well as if they are well positioned as regards the film printing in order to avoid possible blockings on the cross seal area.

As per any pharma project, the whole line has been delivered with the related IQ/OQ documentation protocols. The challenge of this project was to develop a special conveyor for feeding 2 different shaped products to the wrapping machine without needing any change part and to ensure a correct positioning and stability of the syringes along the process, something difficult to achieve due to the big differences on their shapes & sizes.

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