hispack 2015

HISPACK 2015: thanks to everyone!

For the first time, SynchroGroup has been present as such in the Hispack 2015 exhibition, with the logo: "The Power of specialization"
The event has allowed us to show customers and partners an updated range of solutions for the packaging automation of all kind of products, by integrating Synchropack Flowpack machines and Synchrofeed Automatic Feeders.

Participation in the Hispack 2015 packing show in Barcelona

SynchroGroup will present from 21 to 24 April in the International Packaging Exhibition HISPACK 2015 in Barcelona, some of its new developments for product packaging in flow pack and automatic feeders:
  • Electronic Synchropack flow-wrapper, model Pack 900 RT , equipped with an automatic Synchrofeed feeder model MSS (Medium Speed Synchronizer) for individual wrapping of chocolate bars.
  • Electronic Synchropack flow-wrapper, model Pack 60 LTS (bottom reel) for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of fresh food products.
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